What is a Good

Corporate Culture?

As part of the introspection of the new year and looking back at the year we say goodbye to, I was reflecting about my professional choices, successes and failures and it hit me that it’s been a little more than 7 years that I’ve been working with PIIMT “Private International Institute of Management and Technology”! Seven wonderful years full of high and low times but what kept me going as well as my colleagues; and I feel confident enough to speak on their behalf, is our company culture as how we feel at our workplace. So, what’s the magical recipe for a good corporate culture?

The world of work has changed a lot in the past decade.

Whereas in the past, employees were asked to wear a suit and be constantly serious in the office, today, we are more concerned with the origin of coffee, flexible working hours and upcoming company parties.
Employee expectations for work have changed. Whether or not this is a side effect of tech start-ups in Silicon Valley, it is too late to back down.
Our parents and grandparents grew up in a world where the studies they did allow them to get a job for life. And if they were lucky, they received a gold watch the day of their retirement from their boss. And, at that time, for people, job security was paramount.
Today’s workers see things differently. This is why, to compensate for the countless ever more motivating technological advances and the possibility of working in foreign countries, companies are forced to offer more than just job security. Employees want to make sense of their lives. And it is in the culture of their company that they find it.
A good corporate culture can be extremely beneficial, both for the company itself and for the employees, without forgetting that the two are intimately linked.
The culture of a company is what defines it; it’s the beating heart of the business; these are the values and attitudes that drive the business forward. This is why they should be fully in line with the values and attitudes of the people who work there.
A bad corporate culture affects how people work together. As a result, employees work only for salary and benefits, are less loyal to the company and are constantly looking for other work.
On the other hand, a company with a healthy culture places value on all the members of its teams helps them achieve their objectives and develops an environment of inclusion and collaboration.

It encourages team spirit and naturally improves performance

In return, employees feel valued. They feel like the company takes their interests to heart. It encourages team spirit and naturally improves performance. A good corporate culture also brings many benefits for employees, both in terms of motivation and improving their quality of life.
After all, we spend a large part of our life in the office – and this has a huge effect on our quality of life. Happy employees are the guarantee that they will quickly become defenders of the company and will allow you to hire even more great people!
Building a strong and positive corporate culture can also be very beneficial for the company.

A good corporate culture helps to :

  • Benefit from a positive reputation,
  • Develop good productivity,
  • Maintain the quality of a service or product,
  • Attract and retain the best talent!

Corporate culture is at the heart of everything

At PIIMT “Private International Institute of Management and Technology”, corporate culture is at the heart of everything we do.
We are very open, we collaborate a lot with each other and we trust each other. As soon as you start working at PIIMT, you are empowered to perform your tasks the way you see fit and we trust you to do it right. Allowing the employees to do a job they are proud of in the best possible conditions is more important than checking the time they arrive at the office.
The hiring process at PIIMT focuses not only on the skills, but also on what the employee brings as a person.
Once an employee is hired, we will do our best to help him/her improve his/her skills, whether through additional training or simply by encouraging him/her to participate in one of the many inter-service projects.

PIIMT means feeling like a member of a Big Family

Because PIIMT higher management loves a job well done and knows that the work environment is important, they make a point of providing a great work environment for all employees.
And it’s not only about decorating the office but corporate culture at PIIMT means feeling like a member of a big family as well as letting people learn and develop in the best possible way, giving them the autonomy, responsibilities and direction they need.
It is also about having a strong support system. When a team member faces a hard time, he/she will always find psychological support from everyone and the HR offers solution such as extra days paid leave, flexible hours, work from home option and coaching sessions.
Last but not least and, as we say, the little things are the ones that make big differences, PIIMT as a company fosters the culture of celebration; birthday, weddings, welcoming a new child and most importantly employees wins even the little ones!!

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