Training & Coaching for Companies

PIIMT’s corporate training offers clients the abilities and expertise they need to be effective, both internally and externally, to their Leadership and Management skills. With the development of corporate training, the concept of a corporate university is becoming more persuasive and powerful internationally. Therefore, PIIMT’s priority is to provide our clients with the best service. We provide personalized services to our clients based on their goals, objectives and vision as a company. We have wide range of highly qualified coaching trainers (with national and international experience) to assist our customers and help them enhance their company performance by improving their employees ‘ performance.

Some of our methods are as follows:

• Defining the clients demands and goals to help then get what they need from this training
• Presenting objectives and knowledge inputs
• Preparing clients to take on and distribute greater responsibility
• Practicing their leadership skills, talents and core competencies
• Using practical test exercises to facilitate the understanding of theoretical concepts
• Case studies facilitating the practical application of theoretical concepts within the company.
• Use of different educational technological means (Video, data, etc.).
• Our trainers are also at your disposal after the training, to clarify the implementation procedures within your company.

Our trainers are a community of top corporate managers and businessmen with a strategic obligation to create organizational capacity and drive large-scale procedures of learning, change and transformation. At PIIMT, we provide an atmosphere that is intellectually and socially inspirational and promotes in-depth discourse on important problems that big companies or organizations face today. We assure you that this training will give the entire workforce of any business organization new perspectives on both challenging and life changing experiences.

Certifications & Degrees for Corporations

At the end of our client’s program, we provide them with an Executive Corporate Training Certificate (ECT) from the International University of Leadership in Orlando, Florida. All clients get an accelerated and advanced number of courses and credits that are transferrable to the MBA program.

We also offer our clients the possibility to choose from different packs depending on their goals and interests when entering the program. Both pack A & B result in a dual enrollment and grant our clients the possibility of having 2 diplomas: a Moroccan (PIIMT) one and an American one (IUL).