School of Business Administration

The Private International Institute of Management & Technology (P.I.I.M.T) is in partnership with the International University of Leadership (IUL) based in Orlando, Florida. We provide our students with a large range of possibilities and opportunities to enrich their full experience. One of which is the fact that all our students benefit of a double degree (dual enrollment) which provides them with an IUL (American) & P.I.I.M.T (Moroccan) Degree at the end of their academic years/curriculum.

The School of Business Administration (SBA) is structured around the American educational system where individuals learn about many new topics within their courses and learn to think independently.

No matter what our students decide to do after, such as starting their own business, working for a multinational company, or continuing to pursue their studies to get a higher degree, PIIMT students always motivate themselves to excel from within and fulfill their full potential by focusing on the opportunities that are constantly emerging.

The Degree we provide is designed to offer a broad knowledge of the functional areas and establishes a connection between both the company and the student, all while allowing the student to specialize in any particular field of interest.

The Bachelor’s Degree in P.I.I.M.T promotes the internationalization of higher education and aims to improve the professional aspect of studies as a whole. Our goal is to orient our students wisely, provide them with all the necessary information that will assist them in the long run, and help train them to become as ready as one can be for the Labor Market.

Eventually, PIIMT also creates the opportunity for students to benefit of the partnerships our fellow Alumni Students have to offer. That being said, P.I.I.M.T’s generous Alumni Network places forward a professional network available to all our students giving them the possibility to find work within our circle.

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