Students who wants to proceed with their studies at PIIMT must have either a secondary school recognition, or a high school degree to choose a single main program. Students who have a Bachelor or BBA can settle on our Masters and MBA programs.

Dual Enrollment – Double Degree

PIIMT is an exclusive partner of the International University of Leadership (IUL) in Orlando, Florida. Due to this, it is our privilege to provide our students with the possibility of obtaining two degrees: a Moroccan and an American one.

Bilingual Curriculum

All our courses are taught by experts either in French or in English depending on the preference of our student.

Career Oriented Training

Do you want to change or advance in your career? If so, then explore our certified courses adaptable to both the national and international market.


All professors at PIIMT are highly competent and teach their students passionately about their professional experience and respective fields.


We offer our students the choice to study online which gives them independent control over their learning. Therefore, students can work in a stress-free environment and at their own pace. However, during examinations, they shall be supervised.

Financial Aid

We offer our students various financial solutions to help them pursue their studies at PIIMT and see them grow into the leaders they were meant to be.

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