New Year,

New Resolutions

The first days of January are often those of decisions for new starts and especially for good resolutions.
However, more often than not, if one is sincere regarding the choice of good resolutions in December and January, these good resolutions last only a few weeks and are quickly abandoned in favor of good old habits…
However, to successfully apply your good resolutions, you have to learn not to want to change everything overnight because it is unlikely to work.
The best practice is to abandon an old habit (or combine this new habit with an existing habit in your routine), to replace it with another, and hold on for 21 days in a row, in order to adopt a new one.
The principle is to anchor this good resolution in your daily and weekly routine.
For example, if your good resolution is to play sports, then you must delete an old activity to replace it with the new one, or find time in your calendar…
So you can tell yourself that instead of watching TV on Friday evenings, you go jogging for 45 minutes instead.

Here are 10 good resolution suggestions that you can use to make your 2020 year more enjoyable or more productive!

1. Be Humbe

With the rise of self-image promotion through social media, a lot of people get carried on and adopt a certain arrogant behavior instead of self-confidence. However, in this life of fake appearances, inner qualities are most important such as kindness and humbleness. Yes, being humble and down to earth helps us attract the right people to our life as well as develop personally and professionally.

2. Change jobs.

Who does not know someone around them who is fed up with their work, who gradually loses their illusions and who ultimately only goes there to fund their bank account! Yet we often spend more than 30% of our time at work. It is therefore essential to feel good there, and if it is not the case, it’s time to change it.

3. Sleep Better.

Who does not know someone around them who is fed up with their work, who gradually loses their illusions and who ultimately only goes there to fund their bank account! Yet we often spend more than 30% of our time at work. It is therefore essential to feel good there, and if it is not the case, it’s time to change it.Believe it or not, sleep is not a wasted time!!
On the contrary, it is an essential time for our health, for our physical and psychological balance. Thus, sleep should not be taken as a waste of time, but as a restorative cycle.
If you are systematically tired in the morning, if you yawn all day long… you are already on the wrong slope because fatigue leads to poorer concentration, less productivity and creativity…
A good resolution is of course to go to bed earlier, by avoiding staying watching TV on stupid shows or films already seen …, it is also defining hours to go to bed.
Taking a nap is also very repairing, and often allows recharging the batteries to start off on the right foot!
But beware, the choice of hours to go to sleep must be made taking into account your sleep cycle

4. Read a Book once a Month.

Reading newsletters and watching videos on Youtube has become our daily routine, but reading books remains essential.
On the one hand, the writing style is richer (on the Web it is “easy writing”), and this allows you to take the time to reflect.

5. Take 1 afternoon per trimester to think long term.

It may sound paradoxical, but 99% of people spend more time planning their next vacation than planning their life…The result is that we get carried away with everyday life, instead of defining what we really want to do.
It’s a bad habit to stay in your daily routine and not give yourself time to think long term. When we do it it’s usually on birthdays, New Years ’… but it’s too infrequent.
Start by planning at least one afternoon of reflection per quarter, with a list of subjects to be tackled (assessment of your good resolutions …) to influence the course of your life and not just be a spectator.
It is essential to get into the habit of anticipating daily, as this will give you the reflex to systematize anticipation of a situation so as not to find yourself against the wall.

6. Allocate more time for yourself, family and friends.

With the economic conjuncture we have to work more to obtain the same results, and this is often done to the detriment of social life. The trend is to be connected 18 hours a day and stay late at work. However, it doesn’t mean that we get more results. The secret is to work better by focusing more on the productive tasks and automatizing and/or delegating the rest. This way, one can leave work on-time or even earlier once in a while, with enough energy, to indulge in a hobby, surprise their spouse and/or kids, spend some quality-time with friends and family
This little tweak will allow you to reconnect with your loved one, and will allow you to be less “guilty” about staying at work.
And above all, during the time with them, avoid looking at your smartphone, checking Facebook, email … resist the temptation and spend more time chatting with people in front of you.

7. Do more sport.

It’s one of the most common good resolutions “A healthy mind in a healthy body”.

Playing sports is important, especially if you’re in front of a computer screen all day, or behind the wheel of your car.

Playing sports can mean subscribing to the gym or simply starting having small good habits like:

  • taking the stairs instead of the elevator,
  • 15 minutes of sport in the morning upon waking,
  • jogging once a week

8. Adopting a more balanced diet.

While losing weight, eating better is a classic resolution, it is difficult to implement, even if it is one of the best ways to be more comfortable with your body and love yourself. Thus, to get there, instead of focusing on losing weight only and falling in the trap of deprivation, start by introducing more vegetables and fruits to your daily meals, drinking 2l of water per day and treat yourself to no more than three cheat meals; you can plan them on the day you exercise.

9. Spend better.

My advice is to do no more impulse buying… This is without doubt the biggest source of immediate savings that you can make: before each unexpected purchase, THINK and say “Do I really need it” and “If I don’t buy it, is it very serious? ”If the answer is twice no, then you can avoid this unnecessary expense. For this to be effective, you need to put off your “buying emotion”, and put yourself in “rationalization” mode.

10. Do not forget the key dates!.

Forgetting about the wedding anniversary, the child’s birthday party at school … is often synonymous with family drama. In business, it is the same thing, with more serious consequences if we forget the deadline for a declaration (the famous 10% penalties!).
Avoiding this kind of hassle is possible by getting better organized, for example by systematically writing down all the big dates on a large whiteboard and in your calendar on your smartphone.
I can assure you that this will make your life less stressful and more peaceful!!

Finally, I wish you a Happy New Year full of continuous progress and self-pride!

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