Master of Computer Science

Program Duration

2 years

Total Credits

54 Credits


Onsite / Online



Academic Objectives

The main objective of this sector is to provide the IT engineer of PIIMT with a strong training in decision support engineering. This course is doubly versatile:

On the one hand, our engineer will benefit from advanced training in massive data engineering (Big Data) and Business Intelligence (Business Intelligence): design and development of Big Data applications (Hodoop, MapReduce, HDFS), design of data warehouses ( Data Waterhouse), Database development and administration, analysis and design of decision support information systems, Virtualization, Cloud Computing and data center, … not to mention basic training in algorithms and advanced programming, Web development and Computer networks, etc.

On the other hand, the latter will also benefit from fundamental courses in Statistics, Data Analysis, Data Mining, and Machine Learning.

This doubly versatile training is reinforced by courses in Entrepreneurship, Sociology, Communication and languages.

This educational content will allow the IT engineer of PIIMT to acquire the tools and techniques for analyzing any type of problem in relation to massive data and to propose adapted, innovative and quality IT solutions. Our winners will also be able to acquire an approach to develop personalized dashboards for decision support systems.

Career Opportunities

The trades targeted by this training represent the Moroccan market trend in the design and development of intelligent solutions in all data engineering specializations. This training will allow the graduates to integrate easily into the professional world, and to intervene in all business areas requiring strong skills in the analysis, processing, extraction and management of big data. We can cite :

  • Business Intelligence Consultant;
  • Analyst and Designer of decision support information systems;
  • IT auditor, quality engineer;
  • Designer of Decisional Information Systems;
  • Big Data Project Manager;
  • Consultant in decision support information system;
  • Database systems administrator;
  • BigData systems architect;
  • Cloud systems architect;
  • Manager and developer of IT projects;
  • Specialist in visualization tools;
  • DeveloperHadoop;
  • OLAP developer;
  • Specialist in predictive analysis;
  • Data architect;
  • Data security;

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