Master of Business Administration Marketing and Communication

The content of the MBA reflects current business practices in class organizations. The courses balance the appreciation of the role of theory in effective management with practical ideas, with a focus on technology-based management.
The program provides an ethical and legal basis for the student’s behavior in commerce and it gives the student an insight into the recognition of inappropriate behavior in others. It gives the student a detailed knowledge of project management and operations.
It describes the effectiveness of managers – how they make decisions to motivate others and how they organize efforts to make the most of human capabilities.

  • Fill out the enrollment agreement available
  • Write an admission letter to join the program
  • Notarized copy of ID or Passport
  • Original of High school diploma and 3 notarized copies.
  • 5 pictures.
  • Student code of conduct to be signed.
  • Admission test to pass
  • Registration and first semester tuition payments
  • 3 notarized copies of the Bachelor's degree
  • 1 original transcript from the previous University and 2 notarized copies
  • CV, Resume
  • 3 recommendation letters from provious professors, colleagues or administrative personnel at the previous University or College
Potential Employment Careers
  • Marketing and Communication Manager.
  • Marketing and Communication Director.
  • Marketing and Communication Coordinator.
  • Marketing and Communication Analyst.
  • Marketing and Communication Specialist.
Program objectives
  • The objective of the MBA Marketing and Communication is to train future managers by allowing them to be in phase with the evolution of this growing sector: define a marketing strategy and manage a project in communication, generate profit, build loyalty customers, perform digital communication actions, all this in a professional context in which immediacy and responsiveness are the rule.
  • Terms of AccessLicense, our Bachelor's degree in economics, management or equivalent.
  • LocationOn Site
  • GraduateMaster of Business Administration
  • Registration Fee4000 DH
  • Program duration18 months
  • Credits60 credits

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