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Coronavirus disease “COVID-19” is an infectious disease caused by a freshly discovered coronavirus. People who get sick with “COVID-19” will most likely experience mild to moderate symptoms and recuperate and pep up without special treatment or medication.
The infection that causes COVID-19 is mainly carried through droplets created and generated when infected people cough, sneeze, or breath out. These droplets are too heavy to hang in the air and rapidly fall on floors or surfaces. You can be the virus carrier if you are very close to someone who has COVID-19, or by touching a contaminated surface and afterward directly contacting either your eyes, nose, or mouth.

Given the current economic situation, it is hard to consider something besides the renowned Covid-19. The negative impact of this virus is unquestionable and doubtless, not only at the level of public health but at the economic level as well.
There is no need to talk about the effects of this pandemic since the media continuously communicate it all day long. I likewise don’t wish to limit and minimize these negative outcomes through this article, yet I simply want and need to offer another perspective, a positive perspective, in this gloomy period. My message to you through this article is that even in the worst of times and in the most noticeably terrible moments, you can master something positive or learn lessons.

1. Positive Impact on the Environment

This impact is felt all over the world thanks to the limitations of air flights, cruises, and cars, as well as the general decrease in consumption. But this improvement has been particularly remarkable all over the world lately.
Thanks to the traffic stop, lockdowns of factories, and especially the industrial factories, and all the economic activities, the air quality have reached records levels of cleanliness and tidiness in significant areas globally.
Thanks to this virus, Skies are bluer, fewer cars are crashing, crime is falling, the hole in the ozone layer started to shrink, and some other infectious diseases are fading from hospital emergency departments.

2. Saving Lives

Our elders who experienced war had to go to the battlefield to defend their land, country, rights, and save lives. For us, in this war against the invisible enemy that is the Covid-19, it is a lot more straightforward. We simply need to remain discreetly and quietly at home and avoid social contact.
Obviously, the doctors and health experts are on the ground and are truly fighting. Most of them had left their families and quarantined in hospitals to save lives, shrink the possibilities of getting infected or infect others because they spend most of their time in hospitals with patients and virus carriers. I would like to seize the occasion and I take the opportunity to thank them and express gratitude toward them heartily. They do an excellent and particularly difficult job as of now.
In any case, for us, our commitment and contribution to public health is basically done by doing nothing. It’s the first of all times when we can save lives by just staying at home a doing nothing. So let us congratulate ourselves and whoever participated in this war for being conscious and responsible creatures.

3. Refocus on what is truly important

Having to stay confined and content ourselves with the basic necessities permits us to understand and realize that our lives are frequently, for the vast majority of us, pointlessly entangled and complicated. As Pema Chödrön said: “Our situation can be perceived as heaven or hell: it all depends on our perception”
Perhaps this situation can permit us to understand and realize that we are doing very well regardless of whether we can no longer go to do all our usual activities. This takes us straightforward and permits us to acknowledge what is extremely critical and important to us. These significant things are not material, similar to our wellbeing and health, that of our loved ones; as well as having the privilege of investing energy and time to spend with them.

In light of working remotely or being part-time unemployed, we have more time. It helps us to remember the meaning and importance of the word present, which also means gift. This restriction of the quarantine offers a considerable lot of us the best blessing: that of time. So let’s enjoy this reprieve to make an incredible most and the basic and simplest things it presents to us consistently.
“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf” – Joseph Goldstein
Perhaps we can also take the opportunity to develop ourselves by taking the time to train online, learn new things such as a new skill or language, a musical instrument, drawing, etc. The possibilities are endless.

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