Bachelor of Business Administration

Program Duration
3 years / 4 years

Total Credits
144 Credits

Online / Onsite

Moroccan & American

The BBA program provides individuals with the opportunity to acquire fundamental knowledge and skills related to basic business functions. Students will thus be able to develop strong skills and acquire in-depth knowledge in the field of Management.
    • We provide a theory-based and professional training program that combines abilities, opinions, skills, and different cultures.
    • We insist that our students interact and participate in all their courses to be able to advance and learn as much as possible through our courses and professors.
    • We specify that our academic approach requires engagement, teamwork, and self-management from the student to ensure that our students develop their deductive reasoning, creativity, and know-how to prioritize.
    • We involve students in extra-curricular activities that promote their private growth, improves their ability to debate, assists them to become more dedicated as a whole.
    • We provide students with essential knowledge, skills and the understanding of how to work effectively in a professional and administrative organization.
    • We adapt students to the fundamental principles of theoretical and applied knowledge of the business world, which is the essence of our courses.
    • We integrate formal academic knowledge with practical learning from the professional world to prepare our students.
    • We provide our students with significant yet personalized knowledge that falls in line with their personal or professional needs.
    • We encourage students to experience self-progression and professional development
Our program targets both the Moroccan and International market. The reason for this is to train and prepare our students to be ready for the real world and excel in the following fields of expertise:
  • Entrepreneur
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • General Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Corporate Management
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Financial Advisor
  • Accountant
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