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Private International Institute of Management & Technology

Founded in 2006, “Private International Institute of Management and Technology ” P.I.I.M.T participates actively in the Moroccan educational environment. With its two campuses in Morocco: Rabat and Casablanca, PIIMT is a partner of the International university “International University of Leadership ”.

Dr. Anass LAHLOU – DBA, MBA, PM, CQM, CC President & CEO

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ongratulations! You may have just taken a life-changing first step towards career opportunities that allow you to express your leadership and innovation in the business world.
Picture yourself as a part of the P.I.I.M.T tradition, preparing for exciting career opportunities in Business, Management, IT, or Entrepreneurship.
If you’re looking for a university that offers superior training across the spectrum of the Business and New technologies industry, you’ve come to the right place – as we hope you’ll soon see..

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The objective of PIIMT is to share knowledge and know-how of the American education system through a multidisciplinary program adapted to the African and Middle East Culture and Market. Courses are offered in English or in French by international professors and scholars, who are actively involved in their field of expertise, in research, and in mentoring.


The Private International Institute of Management and Technology Program (P.I.I.M.T) is accredited by the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education, Executive Training and Scientific Research.


The programs are accredited in Morocco by the American ACBSP “Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs” under the direction of CHEA the “Council of Higher Education Accreditation”

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Before I decided to start my MBA journey, I was only focusing on technical education especially after my engineering BS’c, so after a deep vision over the growing and rapid globalization of markets, I found that management and business would be my real passion. The time I joined IUL, I was already having an interesting position in an international company, but I was facing many gaps in the management and in understanding business’ issues. My MBA was indispensable to fully complement my experience and compete in the developing markets. The competencies and rich interactions with the classmates and professors beside the availability of the administrative staff are my most noted excellencies. I urge you to grab your future and invest in your career!


The DBA was an opportunity for me to grow and to challenge myself. I learned through this experience that growth and comfort don’t coexist and that If we want to grow we have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. IUL helped me to build confidence, to take risks, to welcome challenges and though me that as a leader you have to base your decisions on who you truly are and your core values.
I am very proud to be an IUL DBA Alumni“..

JIHANE ROUDIASManaging Director at 1min30

I would like to start by thanking the administration, faculty and staff working at the university. After earning the BBA degree my life in the USA has improved lot. My experience has been both enjoyable and rewarding. I learned a lot and experienced more which I am sure I will carry with me for years to come. The E-learning program gave me much needed freedom, I was able to work, spend time with friends and family while studying.

MANAL LAKHBICHBusiness Owner at New age solutions

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