About us


The Private International Institute of Management and Technology was created and founded in 2006. Ever since then, P.I.I.M.T has aimed to participate actively in the Moroccan educational environment and is present in both Rabat and Casablanca.

The mission of P.I.M.T is to share the knowledge and know-how of American education through a multidisciplinary program adapted to Moroccan specificities. We provide students with the possibility to study either in English or in French to facilitate the comprehension of the program depending on the student’s preferences. We also provide English courses through the IUL language center for any students who decide to study the curriculum in English.

The professors we present at the university have a thirst for knowledge and are extremely competent in their respective fields. Thus, they are a great influence on our fellow students and constantly motivate them to achieve greatness. All students at P.I.I.M.T are supervised by an academic and pedagogical team of professionals from multiple professional backgrounds and cultures. The same applies to our students. We have numerous exchange students that allow you to learn from various backgrounds. The commitment of our team allows the students to fully use their abilities and adhere to principles that have been proven successful in the areas of business, management, science, and technology.

In a context of globalization and increased competitiveness, P.I.I.M.T trains millennials to become the leaders of tomorrow. The ability to adapt easily is acquired through our program with the help of numerous motivational coaches that help guide our students on the right path. Due to this, our students have realistic visibility on the new constraints of the labor market which also allows them to seize all the opportunities available at that given time.

Based on numerous Alumni testimonials, as well as our own, we can conclude that we have a favorable student atmosphere, efficient work tools, an involved teaching system and a strong sense of team spirit which allows our students to arm themselves with different methods and means to succeed in their career and become an ideal profile in the business world. We can assure that our values and programs will help you build, develop your vision, and accompany you to train your mind for success.

When entering PIIMT, you will be introduced to a world of research and be expected to participate actively during your whole time at the university. After all, every member’s long-run success is mandatory for us!

All in all, I thank you for visiting our Website and hope that you’ll stay up to date in learning more about our academic student life, programs, news and developing campuses. Be tomorrow’s leaders, learn to live curiously and explore your limitless creativity!

The P.I.M.T Team