A Word from The President

A Word from The President

The desire for excellence has led us to create a space of knowledge, encounter, trust and cross-cultural know-how in a safe environment.

We truly believe that every individual has it in them to be great. They might not always know it but if they’re serious enough, persistent, curious and committed, there is absolutely no way they cannot reach their goals. After all, we are here to guide through every step of the way! 

The Moroccan and International market needs Managers with exceptional qualities and good communication skills to be able to carry out their projects and manage their companies or entities operationally to develop them correctly.

In addition to the previous qualities mentioned, a sense of initiative must be an essential element in the formation of this Manager, which is why it seemed relevant and fundamental to create: “Private International Institute of Management and Technology” (P.I.I.M.T) in 2006. A space for exactly this, a space where we can provide our students with all the assets they need to succeed in the following:

  • Quality training programs effective teaching method
  • Modern support for language learning

As President of this institution, based on both my training and my professional experience in the United States and Africa, I would like to point out that every effort is being made to pass on this know-how with an unwavering will and we are going to lead the leaders of tomorrow to their rightful glory. 

As we listen to the evolution of the WORLD, we also listen to OUR STUDENTS because they are the future!

Dr. Anass Lahlou

DBA, PM, CQM, CC, President & CEO